How to Design Jewelry: Verragio Jewelry

In the event that you’ve ever thought about  the occupation of designing jewellery, or assuming that you can’t find the jewellery you need, why don’t you just make your own?   And you can do it from the solace of your very own living room.  Just sit down in your armchair with your smart phone or tablet and outline that desired design.  Verragio Jewelry makes it straightforward for you.

Find your way to the Verragio website.  At the page top, you will see ‘Collections‘.  Click on it.  You will be taken to a page with a range of rings, designs and alternatives.  Click on any ring you like.  The ring will appear at the top-center of the page. Then you can adjust the type of ‘metal’ you like e.g. gold, white gold, rose gold etc . You can also adjust the centre-stone shape and the shank among other things. Continue until you have attained the look you need.  You can revise your rings easily with the goal that you can ‘View on Hand’ on completion.

For Valentine’s Day think about making a ring to speak to the one you cherish.  Maybe a band of garnet for her personality.  Surround it with plain and simple rings for focus.  amidst all of them, perhaps a beautiful diamond for the guiding light that attracts your attention.

If you wish to buy a mother’s ring for your mum, or for yourself, think about making your own particular Mother’s ring by stacking a ring for each of your little ones, perhaps even with their birthstone in the corresponding ring.  You might have an extraordinary and utterly unique ring that no other person (mother) has.  It would be produced true from your heart and special for every one of your kids the way that you consider him or her.

Regardless of what style of ring you like, you can make it at Verragio Jewelry.  You will be enlivened by their sensational collection and be thrilled by your OWN plans.  Try your hand at planning at Verragio Jewelry, you may discover a unknown ability.

Buying an Engagement Ring? Don’t forget the “4 C’s”!

An engagement ring is a reliable image of your affection, love and honour. To pick a quality precious stone, sophisticated consumers allude to the 4 “C’s” when they start their quest for the ideal engagement ring.

CARAT ~ indicates the span of the stone. Greater isn’t necessarily better however. When a stone goes up in the carat size, the price goes up exponentially, i.e. if a ½ carat diamond costs $X, a 1 carat diamond does not equal $X*2, it could be anything up to $X*5.

CUT ~ many folks accept that the cut of the stone refers to the shape, however it really indicates the way the light reflects off of it. A well cut precious stone allows light to enter the stone and reflects the light back to the viewer’s eye.

The grades of cuts start at: (best quality to poorest)

Very good

COLOUR ~ the less colour that a jewel would basically affect the stone’s value. Gem dealers grade diamonds on a scale from D (colourless) to Z (light yellow). Anything lighter than yellow is viewed as an extravagant amber diamond and is significantly more expensive.

In a diamond the best stone is one without colour at all, this permits the stone to neatly reflect and refract light. Understanding what makes every jewel distinctive guarantees that your engagement ring will be as remarkable as your adoration for each other.

CLARITY ~ this term refers to the stone’s absence of imperfections and blemishes. The fewer the ‘marks’, the more significant and splendid it is. Most jewels have little imperfections; air pockets, scratches, scratches, and so on. so its smart to investigate the stone for defects. As this is the case for Diamonds, often with stones such as rubies, defects and imperfections add to the uniqueness and even value of a particular stone.

The clarity scale is:

Flawless – no inner or outer inclusions

Internally flawless – no inner inclusions, slight outer inclusions

Very, very slightly included – tiny inclusions just perceptible by the prepared eye

Very slightly included – tiny inclusions seen just under a 10x magnifier

Slightly included – effortlessly seen by professional graders

Included – unmistakable to the exposed eye and included enough to influence the stone’s brilliance

Exquisite Verragio Engagement Rings

The feeling of having a ring that is part of the Verragio engagement rings collection on their finger is quite exhilarating for many women. The rings have been in production for over a century are primarily made from metals such as platinum, white and yellow gold which are available in 18 and 14k respectively. Over the years, the company has continued to produce rings that are high quality and beautiful as well. Verragio collections are quite diverse with most of the designs available meeting the style choices of many women who may prefer classic or modern ring designs.

verragio engagement rings and wedding bands for couples

Buying a ring from the Verragio engagement rings collection has been made much easier with the presence of authorized retailers that have been carefully chosen by the company. These retailers can be found online and at jewelry stores, where they display engagement rings verragio which include a short description of the ring and its price. It is advisable to buy the rings from these authorized retailers to experience good service and buy a genuine product as well.

affordable verragio engagement rings prices

How to Choose Verragio Engagement Rings

The large selection of Verragio engagement rings makes finding the suitable ring a bit overwhelming, but with some guidelines the decision is made much easier. Some of the factors to consider when selecting the engagement rings include:

  • Design - The collection of engagement rings by verragio are available in different designs which can be easily seen in the diamond cut. Some of the popular cuts in these collections include princess, round and other customized designs which allow you to choose a design that is most suitable for your partner. Furthermore, it is important to consider whether the wedding band and the solitaire engagement ring will fit in well together.


elegant Verragio engagement rings make engagements more special

  • Personal style - Women have different tastes when it comes to rings and therefore it is important to buy one that matches their style. The engagement rings sold by Verragio are sold in subtle as well as bold designs which are stylish and will still make an impression when worn on the finger. In addition, some engagement rings are designed for those that value comfort and some focus on the aesthetic value of the ring; thus making it important to choose one that fits their style. For more options, you might like pear shaped engagement rings.


  • Ring size - It is important to have the right ring size when buying an engagement ring by Verragio because some of its designs may be larger or smaller in size. The ring company has a special tool that can be found at authorized retailers and is used to determine the exact ring size of any of the rings within their collection.

engagement rings verragio venetian

  • Price - Verragio engagement rings prices are quite fair when compared to the elegant designs and diamonds that are used in their construction. Buying the engagement rings is an investment that will be seen for years to come.


Overall, buying verragio engagement rings and wedding bands is one of the best ways of demonstrating love that is beautiful and lasts for a lifetime.