What is the meaning in wearing rings on different hands?

Whether you wear your rings on different fingers, or different hands, there is specific respective meaning in either.
It is basically understood that the left hand is better than the right.  The reason being that the left hand is more sensitive.  You feel with the left hand, but you are expressive with your right hand.  It is said that if you wear rings on your left hand it protects you from external stresses but if you wear rings on your right hand it leads to an increase in vitality.
Additionally, there is an old Japanese expression that says that the right hand represents ‘power and authority’ and the left hands represents ‘trust and obedience’, so for men, wearing jewellery such as rings, watches and simple jewellery can increase the expression of these sensations, similarly for women, wearing rings (stackable rings, wedding rings etc) birthstones, bangles or other hand accessories can add impact to the image you portray.
stackable birthstone rings, both hands
Stacked rings, birthstone combination on left and right hands.

What is the meaning for wearing rings on different fingers??