Wearing a Diamond Ring

A diamond ring should be the center of attention on your hand. There are certain things to consider when wearing a diamond ring to bring that attention where you want it.

Consider the color of the diamond.  If is white, you can wear any color jewelry with it. However, remember to check the color of the setting. If it is white gold, then no worries. Wear what you like.  But if it is yellow gold, be careful to coordinate your other jewelry. One exception to that rule is if you are wearing something that mixes white and yellow gold. Some fantastic looking pieces are mixing silver and gold.  If you have a piece that brings everything else together then go for it. Mix and match all you want. If your diamond is yellow, pink, or chocolate, consider wearing clothing the same color. You will look pulled together and like you purchased the entire outfit just for that day.

When you talk with your hands, that diamond is going to sparkle. It will be noticed by others in the room.  Some might want to see it up close.  How do those fingernails look? Will the other person notice your cracked cuticles instead of your diamond. Get a manicure so that your nails look their best.  French manicures are beautiful and  compliment any diamond. If choosing a colored nail polish, choose one that will coordinate with the color of the diamond. Remember that colors have undertones. Although beige is a light brown, there are several shades because of the undertones. Beige can have yellow or pink undertones. Check out the undertones when choosing your nail polish.  If you are unable to see the undertones ask for help.
A woman who is able to coordinate her clothing and jewelry displays a kind of glow when she enters the room.  She doesn’t have to be the most beautiful woman in the world, but her ‘I have it together’ attitude will exude confidence and grace. This is the woman who will be noticed by simply walking into the room.