Verragio Engagement Rings, Uniquely Hers.

Well the time has come. You swore it wouldn’t. You bragged that no woman would ever make you want to get married. But now you must admit it. Your heart belongs to her. In fact, every ounce of your being belongs to her.

You dream about her both night and day. If she’s not happy, you’re not happy. You cannot live another minute without making her yours. It’s time to look at Verragio engagement rings. When you are choosing an engagement ring, remember that she will be wearing it and you will be looking at it for years.

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This ring will tell people that she won your heart. Make sure that it tells people who she is. Who she is? What does that mean? It means, consider her attributes when choosing the ring. What is the size of her hand? You can bet she’s going to be showing this ring to everyone she knows and half the people she doesn’t know.

An oversized ring on a petite hand just looks like a little girl playing dress up. Consider a smaller ring to enhance the beauty of your queen’s hand. Likewise a dinky ring on a large hand just makes you look cheap. Hmmm. Not a good way to start a lifetime together.

What type of personality does she have? Is she bold and brassy? Or is she quiet and demure? Does she like things that are out of the box? Or she is a traditional girl? Is she informal and fun loving? Or is she more of a classic beauty? Does she wrangle cows and horses for a living? Or does she sit behind a desk and talk to men in expensive three piece suits? Just as important is the type of jewelry she wears. Does she like big, bold jewelry? Or does she prefer small, inconspicuous jewelry?

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Look at the earrings, rings, and other jewelry she wears often. It will give you a lot of hints about what she likes and make you a much smarter consumer. An engagement ring tells the world that you want to spend the rest of your life with this woman. The RIGHT engagement ring tells this woman that you know who she is and you love every ounce of her.

Knowing that you know, understand, love, and cherish her as she is, will speak volumes to the woman who has fulfilled all your dreams. Don’t just buy a Verragio engagement ring. Buy a Verragio engagement ring that is uniquely hers.