Unique Styles of Engagement Rings

If your engagement ceremony is just around the corner, you must be thinking of ways to make your would-be partner feel special. And what could be better than browsing through unique styles of engagement rings and getting a pair. Engagement rings are special; but if you want something unique and a bit diverse from the regular ones, below are some popular choices that you might want to take a look at.

Unique Engagement Ring Options

  • Mokume-gane

This is amongst the most unique styles of engagement rings available. The Mokume-gane style combines class and luxury, making your ring extra special. Precious metals are combined to form a ring that is exquisitely unique with an elegant pattern that swirls throughout the band of the ring quite like marble. This procedure was quite prevalent amongst the upper middle class in ancient Japan, and now it offers a dazzling finish to engagement rings. You can either have something symbolic engraved on the ring or add a matching stone to the Mokume-gane base, and you can be sure that it will steal your beloved’s heart away.

unique verragio engagement rings

  • Tribal

The designs of the tribal-themed rings are a combination of different ancient symbols from various tribes around the world and artistic beauty. Each tribe has different symbols and thus, you have different designs to choose from and each of them is totally unique. Each symbol has some great meaning and the importance is reflected in the way the symbol is engraved. If you want your engagement ring to be a symbol of love with native roots, then tribal rings are the best choice.

  • Interlocking

Together with being unique, the interlocking or puzzle rings are also fun. It can either include two rings that when combined fit together perfectly or can have interlocking designs using different types of precious metals. These rings symbolize love the perfect way and the fact that it can be customized and embellished with stones, styles, and desired shapes helps it to be unique for every couple. As far as interlocking engagement rings are concerned, you have two choices: two individual rings for the couple which when joined together combines to form one or two interlocking rings for one person. The two separate rings which join to form one shows how well the couple fits together and the interlocking rings for each person shows the couple united or got engaged.

unique styles of engagement rings for women

  • Symbols

Many people are drawn towards symbols when it comes to engagement rings. This is a popular choice, alright, but the specific symbol you choose will make your engagement ring unique. There are endless designs that you can have engraved in your rings; one of these is the infinity symbol; which is quite popular nowadays. It has loops which can be used to hold stones. There are various other symbols you can choose from including the Claddagh symbol, family crests, and others that signify true love.


Together with choosing unique styles of engagement rings, you need to choose the right brand and Verragio happens to be a popular choice to most couples of this age. Verragio engagement rings are created with great craftsmanship and intricate details that any couple will surely admire. Undeniably, there are endless choices today that will make sure each couple gets something unique for their big day.