The Shape of Your Verragio Engagement Ring

Most women dream of their wedding. The details are etched in her mind. She knows the style of dress she wants. The ring as been designed and redesigned in her mind repeatedly. Have you dreamed these dreams? You have everything planned. But what happens when you try something on and it doesn’t flatter your body? That could happen with your ring. So when you choose your Verragio engagement ring, it is important to consider both the shape of your hand as well as the stone.
The marquise shape is meant to lengthen the hand. If your hand is short and stubby, this might be a stone you want to consider. However, if you’ve always felt like your hands belonged on Ichabod Crane, you might want to try a different stone.
Pear and oval shapes work pretty much like the marquise. They may not be the best choice for hands that are long and slim. However, they may be very flattering to petite hands.
Round stones tend to make a hand look shorter than it is. If your fingers are long and slim, this could work well for you. However, if your fingers are short and thick, this stone is not going to be very flattering to your hand.
Small stones on a large hand are not flattering to the hand or the ring. It tends to detract from the beauty of the ring. It also makes the ring look less valuable than it actually is.
Some women consider their hands to be a problem. The woman with wide fingers might think they look unfeminine. Round stones in large settings or cluster settings might be more flattering and help the hand look more feminine. The trick is to cover as much skin as possible with the ring setting. This lengthens the fingers and makes them appear narrower.
Then there is the small, almost child-like hand. With this hand it is not the shape of the stone that matters. It is the size of the setting. The larger the setting, the smaller the hand will appear. Some women like that look, while others feel it makes them look like a child. Although a smaller setting may not be what she wants, it may be more flattering to her hand. A small setting will appear larger on a small hand.
Some stones are more flattering to specific hands. However, there is nothing set in stone about the shape of your setting. Choose the setting you like, however try to be open to alternatives. Whatever shape or setting you choose, there is a Verragio engagement ring to please you.