The Proposal: How to Present ‘her’ Verragio Engagement Ring.

Proposals are special to women. The perfect setting and presentation will stay in her memory forever. So how should you present that Verragio engagement ring you bought? Does your sweetheart like surprises or would it be better to include her in every decision? Are you creative or do you like things more predictable?
Creative, memorable proposals can be exciting, but some caution must be exercised. One man tied the $10,000 engagement ring to a rock in the lake. His plan was to take his loved one to the lake and allow her to ‘find’ the ring. However when they got to the lake, the string had broken and the ring was nowhere to be found. Maybe a less adventurous proposal would be a better idea. Perhaps a message in a bottle instead of a ring under the rock would be just as surprising . Although not as memorable.
Of course there is the old ring-in-the-champagne-glass. But is that too dated for your taste? The best proposal is the one that fits your personality and that of your sweetheart. If she is a family girl, consider proposing with her family all around. If she loves the beach, propose in a special way at the beach. Do you have a special place that the two of you love? Go there for the proposal. If it is outdoors, consider taking a picnic lunch. The ring could be hidden somewhere in the basket or her napkin.
Is she a theater person? Consider proposing on stage of the local Little Theater. With a little planning, you might get the cast to assist you. If you are not comfortable on stage, have someone else sing your proposal from the stage.
Do the two of you have a favorite food? Consider proposing with that food. Try slipping a message in the fortune cookies. After a nice Chinese dinner, she’ll open the fortune cookie expecting to see the usual ‘your life will be wonderful’ message. Instead she reads ‘will you marry me.’ Or maybe place the ring in the bottom of her French fry carton. How about dipping a bowl of ice cream for her and exchanging the traditional topping with a Verragio engagement ring?
No matter which way you choose to propose, be sure that it reflects your personality and the personality of your sweetheart. Plan something she will remember forever. Exercise caution to protect your investment. Be prepared for something to go wrong. Consider a backup plan. Most of all—have a good time.