The Clean And Stylish Blue Topaz Rings

The uniquely radiant color of the stone is what makes blue topaz rings so strikingly beautiful. The state gemstone of Texas, it can be found in rock formations in Central Texas, although it is not commercially mined there. It is typically found in western Utah, in the Russian Ural Mountains , in the Middle East or Eastern Europe.

Round Swiss Mens Blue Topaz Rings

Getting That Blue Hue

Natural blue topaz is rather rare because the stone is usually colorless and has to be heated in order to attain the blue coloring. There are several hues of blue topaz, including;

  • sky blue
  • Swiss blue
  • London blue

London blue topaz is a dark blue with a dark grayish hue and may have a slightly green tone from certain angles. It is considered the most valuable topaz due to its darker color. However, fabulous London blue topaz rings of almost five and a half carats that are set in sterling silver with the center stone surrounded by over a carat of white topaz can be purchased for around a hundred thirty five dollars. It is so reasonably priced because natural blue topaz is uncommon. Most stones used for blue topaz rings are found in abundance in colorless or white, with almost all on the market being irradiated to attain the blue color. Because it is exposed to radiation in an actual nuclear reactor, it requires months of storage afterwards in order to bring it to safe levels, with very strict regulations to be certain the stones are not released to consumers until they are quite safe.

Stylish Options For Any Occasion

Mens blue topaz rings are generally found as bands set with the stones. One of the newest styles on the market is designed with eight 2.5 mm blue topaz stones set in a 7 mm wide grooved band of fourteen karat white gold with a rounded interior.

Since the engagement of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, when she was presented, not with a diamond but with a beautiful dark blue sapphire in her engagement ring, many couples have also celebrated their commitment to each other with colored stones in their engagement rings. Blue topaz engagement rings are an ideal choice and especially so for any bride-to-be who was born in December because the blue topaz is the December birthstone. For just around $600-700, a gorgeous emerald cut 1.08 carat solitaire blue topaz engagement ring can be purchased in fourteen karat white gold.

Unique Gold London Blue Topaz Rings

Birthstones Varieties

In thinking about birthstones, stackable birthstone rings are available in eternity bands of sterling silver, to celebrate not only a birthdates but perhaps a favorite color or just for fun. These can have twelve simulated stones for under fifty-five dollars for each band. For a different but still stackable look, try the multi-band forming a stacked style with over four carats of blue topaz, with one round, one oval and one square gemstone in polished sterling silver at just seventy-five dollars.

Blue topaz also happens to be the gemstone for the fourth year anniversary of married couples. So, blue topaz rings make a perfect fourth anniversary gift that is versatile, sparkling and quite affordable. Described by jewelers as crisp, clean and quite stylish, blue topaz rings are an excellent choice for anyone in the market for an affordable but elegant piece of jewelry.