Stackable Birthstone Rings of a Different Color

Stackable rings look fabulous when they have a range of lovely stones imbedded.  But we have a tendency to think of gemstones as a specific color.  Actually many of the gemstones come in other colors beside the most common one we think of.  Here are few facts that you might not know about gemstones:

Garnet comes in a variety of colors except blue.  The most common color of Garnet is a deep red.  However there are many colors from light orange to deep purple.

The amethyst is a usually purple.  It comes in colors from light pink to deep purple.  Some are dark enough to be called brown.

The aquamarine stays in the green/blue hues, however there are some whites.

Diamonds come in every color imaginable.  We are accustomed to the white diamond, but there is also yellow, orange, blue, pink, purple, and chocolate.

Emerald stayed pretty close to what we believe.  The shades of green vary in intensity, but they were still greenish or bluish.

Pearls were a major surprise. They come in every color imaginable.

Rubies stayed fairly close to the color we are accustomed.  The intensity of the color varied widely, but all within the reds.

The peridot stayed within the green color.  There was a variety of color intensity.

The sapphire comes in blue, purple, green, yellow and pink.

Opal can only be described as multi-colored.  There isn’t a normal opal color.

Most topaz comes in hues of brown.  The lightest being yellow and continuing to the deep brown.  There were a few blues.

Turquoise stayed in the green/blue tones.  The intensity of color varied, but all within the greens and blues.

We have a tendency to identify a gemstone by the color.  That might not be accurate anymore.  Most of the gemstones come in multiple colors.  That makes it hard to identify.  Some professional help might be a good idea.