Popular Types And Styles Of Gold Rings

What make rings made of gold special? Gold rings are available in different style, settings and sizes. It is considered to be the favorite ring of both genders. The ring usually varies from a simple band amounting to a hundred dollars to the more expensive thousand dollar ones. The expensive collections are known for their uniqueness, designer and ornamental presentation.


Stylish 14K Gold Wedding Bands

Gold is being recognized as a symbol of prosperity, royalty, power and spiritualism. These are the reasons why this particular metal is favored by all culture across the globe. Surprisingly this metal suits every finger irrespective of the skin color or texture. It gives an elegant look to any hand .The gold rings are known to enhance the look and the shape of any hand. The above reasons are sufficient to justify the reason why gold is the most purchased metal in the world.


14k Gold

  • Like most metals, gold too is soft at its native state. It is because of its softness that gold is mixed with other metals to create fancy jewelries.
  • In order to give it a more durable shape, one has to mix it with some harder metals .Therefore you can easily conclude that the 14k gold rings are harder compared to the 24k gold types.
  • The 14K gold is much harder than the 24 K which is in its purest form.
  • The majority of the gold rings are between 14 and 18k.These rings are durable as they contain alloy in right proportion.
  • The 14K ring is cheaper compared to one with a higher K.
  • A gold ornament if being used on a regular basis tends to change its property. If you are using a gold ring daily it is essential that you clean it with a brush with soft hairs.
  • Many times, on regular usage the gold ring becomes dull. Therefore to avoid the dull look you can polish the ornament with cleaning products that are available in market.


Rose Gold

  • Rose gold rings are special gifts made of precious metals.
  • These kinds of rings are not similar to the white gold or yellow gold found in jewelry houses.
  • This category of ring became popular in Russia during the 19th Century.
  • The rose gold was then a very popular design for wedding occasions. Ever since it has become an alternative for earrings, rings charms, bracelet, watches, and necklace.


Yellow Gold

  • The yellow gold rings are known for its warmth and sheen .This beautiful piece is suitable for any skin tone.
  • The yellow rings are considered to be the most popular and are therefore widely available across the globe.
  • It is considered to be timeless. The yellow rings are made of rose and white gold. This alloy ensures high quality gold ring.


Heart Red Garnet Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Rings

Pandora Ring

  • Pandora rings are known for their versatility.
  • You can wear it with a dress that basically matches the color tone of the ring.
  • You can wear it to mix and match.
  • This kind of ring is available with different gemstones.
  • The price will depend upon the kind of gemstone the ring contains.

In choosing the best gold rings, several factors need to be taken into consideration. These include budget, occasion, design and several others. Doing proper research online as well as from retail outlets is advisable.