Pandora to the Rescue (Men only)

This article is for men only.  Do not let your wife see this one.  Men are you ever in trouble?

That means you forgot to do something as instructed.  Or did you say something thoughtless?

Were you not listening when she was talking about her feelings?  And the worst!!  Did you forget a special occasion? Don’t worry about it.  Pandora Jewelry can get you out of that bind in short order.

Now if your wife has found Pandora Jewelry, she has seen the Designer pages.  That’s where she designs the jewelry she likes and adds to her wish list.  If she hasn’t discovered it, you need to show it to her.  This is not jewelry they must create for her when ordered.  It is jewelry already created and she has chosen which pieces she likes to wear together.

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Here’s the plan.  The next time you are in the dog house, go to the computer and login on her Pandora page.


Why you’ve thought ahead and prepared.  You sat with her one night when she was browsing and you remember her password.

Now that you’ve logged in, go to her wish list page.  There will be tons of stuff there along with the prices.  No, don’t buy everything.  You get in trouble way too often for that.  Buy one piece.  It doesn’t have to be pricey.

Just enough to get you back in good graces with her. The next time you mess up, order another piece.  Depending on how often you get in hot water, your wife could have her collection very soon.



Now don’t forget.  Don’t show this to your wife or the plan won’t work.  It’s between you and Pandora Jewelry.  Often there are perfect men who lived a charmed life and never upset their wife. If you never mess up, then you may disregard this notice.


Pandora’s Jewelery Box

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Pandora’s Jewelry Box is certainly correctly named.  When you first go on the website, you might remark that there doesn’t seem to be much jewelry there.  In the top right corner, you will notice an invitation to join the site.  Join the site?  Why?

When you join the site, a whole different side of the collection opens up to you.

There are rings you won’t see anywhere else.  You will be able to see more of the top, higher priced rings after joining the site.  You will still have the option of creating your own by stacking rings.

But you probably won’t want to after seeing these rings.  Some things just don’t need to be changed.  The rings on this site fall into that category.


However if you are creating your own collection, the price will be shown in the top left corner for you to see.  You can alter the collection as much as you wish.


Do not go on this site if you are limited to only a few minutes.   You will not be able to pull yourself away in a few minutes.  You will be like your kids with the video games.  You will absolutely lose track of time.

After you have completed your browsing and creating, you can click Add to Wish List.  At that time a window will open and you will be asked to select a size for each ring.  Then you are ready to place your order. If you prefer, you may find a physical store and contact them for your collection. You may also leave your selection in the Wish List.

When you are on your Wish List page, look above your design. You will see four tabs.  One each for Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces and Earrings.  You can create all your jewelry on this site.  It can be saved for you to order or share with someone else.


Pandora Rings.  From Simple to Exquisite.


Pandora Rings, (I know they are the biggest competitor of Verragio, but I want to pay tribute to a fantastic brand!) run the gamut from simple to exquisite. The simplest is not the least expensive.

It is a silver ring with no stone, no texture in the band. Just a smooth silver band. The most exquisite is made of 14K gold. The band is carved with a row of flowers around the entire band. Each flower has a diamond inset where the head of the flower would be. In between these two extremes are elegant rings. Some feature one gemstone. Some are kissed with gemstones all the way around the band. Pandora rings range in price from $25 USD to $10,ooo USD.

At this writing, Pandora is manufacturing approximately 184 rings. Of this number, about 25% are priced at $50 or less. These rings are not cheaply made. They receive the same attention to detail that the most expensive rings do.

They are affordably priced so every woman has the chance to own a Pandora ring. There are about 10% of the rings priced at $50 to $100. Approximately 10% rings are priced between $100 and $200. There are about 5% of the rings at the top of the price range. These are priced from $200 to $1,650.

The rings are made from either 14K yellow gold, white gold, two tone or sterling silver.

Whether you like your jewelry plain to show classic beauty or very detailed, there is a Pandora ring for you. If you prefer one stone or many, the designers at Pandora rings have created a ring with you in mind.

Whether you prefer to spend your money on other things or spend every dime on one ring, Pandora rings collection is ready for you. Pandora Jewelry has been in business since 1982. They have consistently grown by creating jewelry with every woman in mind.