Out of the Box Engagement Rings

Today’s couples seem to go out of their way to be different from everyone else.  How different? Well there are some very unique engagement rings today. Some are different.  Others are wild.  A few are just down right ugly.


The DOVE RING is definitely different. Instead of a stone posted on the band, two doves stand looking at each other.  When one thinks about this, it’s kind of sweet.  They can’t look anywhere else except at their mate. Wouldn’t marriage be better if husbands and wives did the same. PAMELALOVENYC.COM


The TWISTED BRASS RING  is called a sinuous shape yet it greatly resembled melted swirled taffy.  FARFETCH.COM


A throwback to the past traditions and a nod to the phrase ‘tie the knot’ is the LASSO RING,  that looks like a piece of rope with a knot tied at the top. Maybe it is more attractive when seen with human eyes. The picture is not attractive. AURELIEBIDERMANN.COM


Not to be left out is the ATREYU” RING that looks like it was cut from a tree stump and carved out in the middle. The outside of the band looks like tree bark complete with carved initials. The top looks like the flat part of the log where it was cut, including age rings of the tree. Catbirdnyc.com


If breaking or chipping a ring is a concern, try Polly Wales at catbirdnyc.com .  It is already chipped—literally.  It looks chipped and beaten all the way around the band. Stones are laid in the band.  The chips make the stones asymmetrical. One part of the ring looks almost broken in two.


The TRIANGULAR CUT-OUT RING WITH CHROME SPIKES looks like something from the middle ages. This ring does not bring visions of love to mind. TWISTONLINE.COM


These are just a few of the unique engagement rings available.  Most of these were very affordable.