Not Your Mother’s ‘Mother’s Ring’

Do you remember when you were growing up and the Mother’s ring was created? It was all the rage.  Every mother had to have one for Mother’s Day.  Pretty soon almost every mother did have one.  At first everyone said, “Oh let me see you Mother’s ring.”  Then no one asked anymore.  Why?  Because they all  looked alike.  They had different stones in them, but other than that, they were the same rings.  Most of the young people swore they’d never get a ring like that.  Well now you can create your own ring.  This one is definitely not your mother’s ‘Mother’s Ring’.

You can create your own Mother’s ring using the stackable birthstone rings.  Some of these rings come with one stone sitting on top and others with stones surrounding the band.  Consider mixing and matching these styles for a unique effect.

The stackable birthstone rings can be more than Mother’s rings.  They can be a family ring.  Consider using the parents’ birthstones band on the outside and the children with one stone in the middle.  This cluster represents the parents enclosing or wrapping their children in love.

If you have a parent or grandparent who has passed away, consider honoring their love with their birthstones—bands—enclosing their wedding ring.  Or buy two of the deceased parent’s birthstones and surround the other’s wedding band with the birthstones.

Is there a new mother in your family?  Consider helping her start her family ring by buying the baby’s birthstone for her.  She can add to it later as other children come along.

There are lots of ways to use stackable birthstone rings.  They can be collected and the arrangement changed for occasions.  These are small inexpensive rings that are just fun to wear  Best of all you can create your own ring for whatever you want to represent.