Nontraditional Celebrity Engagement Rings

Everyone with television has seen the engagement ring Prince William gave to Kate Middleton. The sapphire and diamond ring would be special just for its beauty. This one belonged to Prince William’s mother, Princess Diana. We first saw it in 1981. Now we can see it again on another beautiful Princess.

While Prince William and Kate took center stage for a while, they don’t stand alone. There are other beautiful, nontraditional celebrity engagement rings. Hockey player Mike Fisher proposed to Carrie Underwood.  He gave her a 5 caret yellow diamond. It was surrounded by micro-pave white diamonds on a platinum band.  Micro-paving is a highly skilled way of paving a band with diamonds so small a microscope is required.

Jason Sudeikis asked Olivia Wilde for her hand with a round diamond surrounded with emeralds.  It is the reverse of Kate’s ring.  Kate’s has the diamonds surrounding the sapphire. Most engagement rings place the diamonds around the gem. Olivia’s ring is a nice twist with the emeralds circling the diamond.

Evan Ross gave Ashlee Simpson a unique ring.  It is a marquise-cut diamond. The beautiful diamond was set in platinum and gold.  It is accented by rubies.  In pictures it looks like the diamonds around the rubies are micro-paved.

The public has always been fascinated by celebrity engagement rings. Many of these engagement rings are specially designed.  Some cost millions of dollars. The rings in this article didn’t cost quite that much. They were well over $100,000 each.  Kate’s ring is estimated from $137,000 to $500,000. Not affordable to the average person, but not expensive by celebrity standards.  These rings are proof that a ring doesn’t have to cost in the millions to be extraordinary. You would be hard pressed to find more beautiful rings than the ones featured here.