How to Design Jewelry: Verragio Jewelry

In the event that you’ve ever thought about  the occupation of designing jewellery, or assuming that you can’t find the jewellery you need, why don’t you just make your own?   And you can do it from the solace of your very own living room.  Just sit down in your armchair with your smart phone or tablet and outline that desired design.  Verragio Jewelry makes it straightforward for you.

Find your way to the Verragio website.  At the page top, you will see ‘Collections‘.  Click on it.  You will be taken to a page with a range of rings, designs and alternatives.  Click on any ring you like.  The ring will appear at the top-center of the page. Then you can adjust the type of ‘metal’ you like e.g. gold, white gold, rose gold etc . You can also adjust the centre-stone shape and the shank among other things. Continue until you have attained the look you need.  You can revise your rings easily with the goal that you can ‘View on Hand’ on completion.

For Valentine’s Day think about making a ring to speak to the one you cherish.  Maybe a band of garnet for her personality.  Surround it with plain and simple rings for focus.  amidst all of them, perhaps a beautiful diamond for the guiding light that attracts your attention.

If you wish to buy a mother’s ring for your mum, or for yourself, think about making your own particular Mother’s ring by stacking a ring for each of your little ones, perhaps even with their birthstone in the corresponding ring.  You might have an extraordinary and utterly unique ring that no other person (mother) has.  It would be produced true from your heart and special for every one of your kids the way that you consider him or her.

Regardless of what style of ring you like, you can make it at Verragio Jewelry.  You will be enlivened by their sensational collection and be thrilled by your OWN plans.  Try your hand at planning at Verragio Jewelry, you may discover a unknown ability.