How to Clean Engagement Rings

There are many ways on how to clean engagement rings. Ring cleaning ensures that it maintains its luster and shine for the longest time possible. When doing so, it is advisable to use smooth tools and gentle substances to avoid outer coat damage. The good news is, most of the products used in cleaning engagement rings are inexpensive, so it shouldn’t be hard for you to find a perfect match for your needs.

Steps on How to Clean Engagement Rings

  • Begin by removing the ring from your finger. Fill a small bowl with warm water and pour a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Put the ring into the mixture and let it soak for a while.
  • Once you remove the ring from the solution, brush off any visible dirt using a soft brush. A brush with tough bristles can damage the ring; leaving it with scratches. A better option to use is a toothbrush made for babies. It is small and fits into the cracks well.
  • Once the dirt has been removed, return the ring back into the water solution for a second clean.
  • After soaking for a while, remove the ring and rinse it thoroughly with warm water.

yellow gold verragio engagement rings

  • Dry the ring using a soft cloth.
  • Protection is essential. Ensure the drain is tightly covered to avoid the ring falling through while rinsing.
  • If there is still some dirt stuck, use a toothpick gently and remove the dirt then rinse.
  • To maintain engagement rings in top notch condition, avoid wearing them when using products that may end up damaging them.

 Misinformed Notions on Ring Cleaning

The procedures above are the proven ways on cleaning jewelries; especially Verragio engagement rings. However, these are the untruth sides that you might want to know when doing this process:

The boiling water myth

Boiling water may cause the ring to react under the high temperatures. There is no way the hot water will clean the engagement rings or guarantee their safety. This myth should never be put to action.

The toothpaste myth

This myth entails using the toothpaste as a cleaning agent. The toothpaste is applied onto a toothbrush which will be used to scrub the ring. This method will damage the ring. The toothpaste is a strong agent hence will scratch the exterior of the ring. With the different kinds of toothpaste around, they may cause a buildup under the prongs making the rings lose its appeal.

tips on how to clean engagement rings

The household cleaner myth

 Some of the household cleaners in question include ammonia compounds and bleaching agents. These products are harsh and may cause react with the metals. The rings will surely be damaged. This may seem to be a good idea, but it may end up causing more damage than good.

Final Tips

You can purchase jewelry cleaners from stores which will work wonders on your ring. You can also take the engagement ring to the ring cleaning specialist. However, this may be at a greater cost as compared to cleaning rings on your own.

Prevention is still the better method than learning how to clean engagement rings. When you are doing any household chores; be it gardening or painting, make sure to remove the ring and place it in a safe location or wear protective gloves instead. Avoid using self-tanner while wearing the ring because it has a corroding impact on the band. It is advisable to clean your rings frequently; otherwise it will lose its sparkle.