How does the power of Crystals/Gems ‘Work’?

There are lots of people out there who believe that crystals have their own power,

an energy or essence that is propelled by the stone.

Some feel that this power can alter the way they feel, or can heal ailments in a time of weakness or doubt.

This is not something that has emerged in recent times, there are tales dating back to antiquity of the powers held by specific stones.  But today, science explains that there are qualities of solids, liquids and gases; that in their most basic building blocks are built from atoms, molecules and ions that indeed have states of energy.

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These states of energy depending on the density of the ‘thing’ will have a ‘flow’,

so it is obvious that the atoms in liquids and gases are free and they could have an element of energy flow.

But it is not easy to imagine that the atoms of crystals and gemstones, although solid, have a capacity to flow; and because there is only a small amount of space for the atoms to move against each other, it is believed that crystals, like all other solids, vibrate.

Quartz is a good example of the use of crystals utilizing the vibration of solids.  Quartz is a unique crystal as it produces small but measurable amounts of electricity when put under huge pressure.  Watches and clocks use this phenomenon to efficiently run with batteries acting as amplifiers to run with certainty.  These types of crystals are called Piezoelectric crystals.

Using crystals as a form of healing was established and has evolved over many generations.

Maybe one day science will be able to explain how and why they work?  But the fact that they have been used to make elixirs and other ‘medical aids’ for so many centuries and continued to be used, is testament to their worth.  This continued usage is what separates the skeptics from the true believers…


The History of ‘Power Stones’

As early as 1400BC the Assyrians assigned powers to certain stones.  They believed that wearing the right stone during particular months would protect you from illness.  The wealthiest people collected all twelve stones so they could be sure they were protected every month.

Power stone, ancient stones, power of the stoneAssyrians didn’t assign stones to birth months like we do today.  They were just stones of protection for that month.

Even if you don’t believe in the power of the stone, they are fun to wear.  It is more fun when the stone represents something.  How many times have you seen a woman wearing a stone and someone would ask “Is that your birthstone?”  We just assume the stone means something.  It might just mean she likes the stone.

Here are some of the powers believed to be embodied in the stones:

*It was said that wearing garnet would increase your self-esteem and will power.  It was also believed to give you more energy.

*Wearing the amethyst was believed to protect you from getting drunk. Popes wore them often during mass.

*The aquamarine gemstone was believed to build your courage and bring your more happiness.

*Wearing diamonds was supposed to ward off insanity.

*The emerald was believed to have the power to bring you health and fertility.

*Wearing pearls were supposed to give you a stable marriage.

*Red rubies were believed to have the power to bring you good luck and good friends.

*The peridot was supposed to protect you from depression and ward off evil.

*Wearing sapphires were believed to bring you wisdom.

*The opal was supposed to protect you from evil people who want to harm you.

*The topaz was believed to have the power to bring you good mental health.

*Wearing turquoise was believed to relieve your headaches.

You can judge for yourself whether these stones actually have the powers attributed to them.