Fake Celebrity Engagement Rings

You’re thinking about getting married.  You are fascinated with a celebrity and want to look like they do.  Their wedding was beautiful.  Your heart breaks at the thought that your wedding won’t be anything like theirs.  But you can have the engagement ring.

Say what?  Yes, you can have the engagement ring.  There are places you can buy fake celebrity engagement rings for very little money. Googling fake celebrity engagement rings brought up several sites. Most of the rings cost less than $100 on these sites. Not all celebrities’ jewelry was there. It appears that they are chosen for popularity rather than ring beauty.

Googling replica celebrity engagement rings brought up several other sites. There seems to be more celebrities’ jewelry with this search.  The rings were less than $200 on most of the sites. Be careful though.  Some of the rings on these sites are not the actual replica.  They are inspired by the original.  That means that the stone may be a different cut or the setting may be different.  Just be sure that you getting what you want when you order.

Some of the sites carry other celebrity jewelry.  Some have their entire wedding jewelry sets.  Other sites carry everyday jewelry worn by the celebrities. Many celebrities have jewelry they wear daily.  People expect to see the piece on them. You might be able to find these pieces on the sites that carry celebrity jewelry.

There are many sites so be sure to shop around.  Kate Middleton’s ring cost anywhere from $24 to $75 depending on the site.  Take time to know what the difference is so you are not disappointed. Some of these rings are smaller than the original. If you want the same size and cut of a particular ring, you may have to look on several sites before you find it.