Cost of a Celebrity Engagement Ring

The average person will never live like a celebrity.  We just don’t have the funds.  However, it is fun to watch what the celebrities do. Sometimes we wonder if we’d do the same thing if we could. One area that takes top billing on the news is the celebrity engagement rings. Celebrities can’t buy something ordinary. The ring and the news must top the report about the last celebrity engagement ring. So what do celebrities’ engagement rings cost?  Here is a short list.

Carrie Underwood has an engagement ring reported to have cost $150,000.  That was also the cost of Heidi Klum’s ring.  Both rings were yellow diamonds.  Heidi’s was larger, but Carrie’s has micro-paved diamonds on the band.  Very classy.

Britney Spears engagement ring from Jason Trawick cost$200,000.  As did Kate Hudson’s ring bought by Matt Bellamy. Katherine Zeta-Jones ring from Michael Douglas is reported to have cost the same.

Angelina Jolie and Reese Witherspoon both step up with rings costing $250,000.

While these may blow your mind, they are considered on the lower end as far as celebrity rings. There are celebrities that pay millions to tell the world they intend to marry.  Kim Kardashian’s ring cost $2 million.  The marriage lasted two months. That’s a million dollars a month. Not bad pay.

Walking in the same neighborhood are Mariah Carey, Elizabeth Taylor, Jennifer Lopez, and Jackie Kennedy whose rings are estimated at about $2.5 million.

Then there is one that walks alone.  Beyonce’s 28 carat emerald ring is reported to have cost $5 million.  Jay-Z and Beyonce’ were married three years before separating in 2011.

Celebrity engagement rings seem to cost somewhere between the cost of a small house and a very large mansion.  Let’s think about the length of some of these marriages.  Hmmm.  Wonder if they’ve ever thought of investing in real estate?