Celebrity Engagement Rings Still Shine and Last the Test of Time

It is no secret that celebrities divorce almost before they marry.  Both marriages and divorces of celebrities seem to dominate the media. Some that started on this list of long marriages were removed before print because they had divorced in late 2013.

However, there are a few celebrities that marry with the intent of staying together forever. Here are a few that have lasted longer than most non-celebrity marriages and certainly longer than most celebrity marriages.

Ozzie Osbourne married Sharon Levy in 1982.  Through many trials such as Sharon’s cancer and Ozzie’s substance abuse, they have grown stronger.  Even allowing reality television into their home didn’t take the shine off Sharon’s 10-carat diamond ring.  She waited 25 years for it, only to have it stolen in 2004. She waited seven years to have it returned to her.

It seems that 1988 was the year to marry.  Three celebrity couples married that year and are still together with no signs of separating.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson married in 1988. Despite rumors of separation, her engagement ring has been shining brightly for over 25 years.

Kyra Sedgwick mesmerized the world when she starred in The Closer, with an accent so authentic some viewers were surprised to learn it wasn’t natural. Kyra married Kevin Bacon in 1988. What hasn’t shined in their relationship was the engagement ring he gave her.  She exchanged it three months after receiving it.  Likewise, she exchanged the ring he gave her for their 25th wedding anniversary.

Michael J. Fox fell hard for Tracy Pollan when they met on the set of Family Ties. She was a guest but after Michael fell in love, she became a regular.  She has now been a regular in his life since 1988. Even through his Parkinson’s illness, their love is shining bright.