A Guide on Birthstone Rings

Birthstone rings are a wonderful way to show off the stone that connects with the month of your birth. They’re also a great way to showcase the birthdays of your loved ones, such as your mother or your kids. You can wear birthstone rings in a variety of ways, but it can be helpful to use a guide on birthstone rings to help you find new ways to wear your favorite stones.

Solitaire Rings

A solitaire is a single stone highlighted in the center of a ring. Sometimes you may find diamond chips or other stones surrounding the main stone as an accent, but usually you won’t. This kind of ring is an excellent cocktail ring or conversation piece because the stone is typically large and vibrant. Look for a quality stone when you are wearing a solitaire ring of any stone. Color and clarity are extremely important in a solitaire because there is one focus stone. The metal you choose can also be important here, since some birthstones look better in yellow metals while others look best in white metals.

stackable birthstone rings

Stackable Birthstone Rings

Stackable birthstone rings are usually a band ring that may have several stones across the front of the ring. You may also find stackable eternity bands, but you’re more likely to find two or three stones set across the top. These types of rings are great and a guide on birthstone rings would be remiss without pointing this type of ring out. You can stack the same gem in multiple bands, or you can use bands of different gemstones together. This is particularly striking for a variation on a mother’s ring, where each band contains the birthstone of one of your children, making a stacked rainbow of everyone’s birthstones. If you have shorter fingers, you can stack two or three rings on each finger, giving you the freedom of movement that you need, but keeping the look that you desire.

a guide on birthstone rings

Multi-gemstone Rings

Rings with multiple birthstones are traditionally considered to be a mother’s ring style, but they can work in a variety of other situations, too. A guide on birthstone rings might recommend, for example, the birthstones of a husband and wife set side by side as a way to commemorate a wedding or an anniversary. These types of rings are very forgiving because you can switch the stones around to the configuration that you like the best. Some stones naturally look better next to each other than others, and a multi-gemstone ring allows you the freedom to make those changes.